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Re: K-0 and Uston SS counts?

Posted by Bert Nommel on Monday, 2 February 1998, at 7:06 p.m., in response to K-0 and Uston SS counts?, posted by Brian Flanagan on Monday, 2 February 1998, at 2:38 p.m.

Don't use Wong's program because it does not generate accurate stratagy numbers for unbalanced counts. Janecek's SBA will generate accurate numbers.

Generally, unbalanced counts, including Uston SS, don't require a TC adjustment, but will perform better if they employ one, To TC an unbalanced system, sum all the point values to get the total unbalance, the multiply the total unbalance by number of decks in play to get the pivot. Start your count at minus the pivot and then simply divide the running count by the number of unseen decks.

You need a simulator to generate an advantage for each TC (or running count) to allow you to calculate bets.




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