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K-O vs. Hi-Lo

Posted by Olaf Vancura on Wednesday, 4 February 1998, at 6:48 p.m., in response to K-0 and Uston SS counts?, posted by Brian Flanagan on Monday, 2 February 1998, at 2:38 p.m.

Hi Brian,

It is difficult to judge a system solely on the basis of BC, PE, and IE.

If you were to look up Don Schlesinger's "Blackjack Attack" and John Auston's "World's Greatest Sim -- K-O Edition" to compare K-O and Hi-Lo, you would find the following, which Auston has himself said (paraphrasing): "Under almost any set of conditions and bet spread possible, running count K-O matches true count Hi-Lo in performance." This of course ignores the issue of errors, which almost assuredly are greater in a balanced count incarnation (e.g., Hi-Lo system).

This, and the ease-of-use for K-O, is why Schlesinger has stated that he believes in the near future, "K-O will supplant Hi-Lo as the system of choice" for new counters.

Pretty much speaks for itself...





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