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Re: ?? for Fuchs or Vancura

Posted by Olaf Vancura on Thursday, 5 February 1998, at 7:18 p.m., in response to ?? for Fuchs or Vancura, posted by twind on Thursday, 5 February 1998, at 1:00 p.m.

twind wrote:
>The KO count are designed so that the running count is >most accurated in the middle of the shoe. Therefore, is it >true that one could assume the penetration is less >importance for KO than it is HiLo where the true count is
>more accurated toward the end of the shoe?

Not sure what you mean here. For a balanced count the TC is generally accurate at any point in the shoe. For K-O the RC is best at the Pivot Point, regardless of penetration.

>Please clarify if the following assumption is correct? If >I was dealt the first 2 cards with total of 16 and the >dealer show an 8 upcard. The preferred KO tell us to >surrender if the rc is +4 or higher. What if the total of
>my hand is 16 and it composed of 3 or more card vs. dealer >8 and the rc is still +4 or more, since I cannot surrender >with 3 or more cards, is it correct if I stand instead of >hit in this situation. If this is correct, would it also >apply a three or more cards hand with the total to 15 vs 9 >or A, 14 vs 10 or A when the rc is +4 or higher?

For K-O Preferred, you would hit the 16 vs. 8, since there is no departure from BS here. Same with the others.

>Do you recommended to modify the KO preferred method per >John Auston WGBJS for KO to reduce the variance?

Actually, John is considering an effect which is secondary to our mind. The effect is so small that we believe simplicity should prevail. Toward this end, we will be making some modifications for the 2nd edition which will
be coming out shortly (one of these is making 11 vs. A an "A" play for doubling down). These will be posted as well to our web site for folks who already have the book. So the answer to your question is no, we recommend the system as presented in the book. We believe it is easier, and as such will provide better results for most folks. Professionals wishing to squeeze out every last bit may prefer John's.





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