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Old System for Single Deck.

Posted by Pat Essary on 5 March 1998, at 12:10 a.m.

Last summer while visiting the great state of Nevada I played Black Jack for the first time. Since then I have learned much about the game and now have taken the time to learn a simple count system which I learned and picked up out of a old book from our public library. Not realizing at the time that there was hundereds of books and systems to chose I practice the system, and have actually been doing well with it as a new student of the game.

The book was written with a copy write of 1973 by a Author named John Archer, book titled "Winning at Twenty One". It appears that the system he uses is a version of what we now call the unbalanced 10 with a Ace side count with stratiegy adjustments as the count increases 10 rich or 10 poor, what ever the situation. I play only the system only in single deck but he actually has a version that can be applied to multiple deck.

Although most of the count Systems I have read about recently appear to be much more high tec, I find that I'm very comfortable with using it in actual casino play. Since I have never had the oportunity to set down and pick the mind of a experience card counter I'm wondering if any one has ever used this system with success, read the authors book, or knows any thing about this person. Any info that any one might want to share with me on this would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your responce.

Pat Essary



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