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Re: Hi/Low

Posted by MADZUNE on 11 March 1998, at 12:09 p.m., in response to Re: Hi/Low, posted by aldrich on 10 March 1998, at 2:06 p.m.

Ze exxperts say there is one called Hi/Lo count. It is as follows:

Count cards 2 to 6 each as +1 and keep a running net sum (+or-)

Count cards 7 to 9 each as 0 and keep on the count (+or-)

Count cards 10 and A each as -1 keeping always the count...

Raise your betting units when your count is in higher positive count.

When it is going UP and UPP and UPPP raise your bets UP and UPP and UPPP!

That's SIMPLE. However, the exxperts (and there are many, manny mannny...) do not know the distribution of the cards in the 'rich deck' and YOU and the DEALER are equally liable to get those good card.

You may can get into more SOPHISTICATED COUNTING systems and BET SIZING depending on the exxxxpert.

The CASINOS love all exxperts and begginers.

Good luck



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