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KO questions

Posted by Bean on 11 March 1998, at 12:26 p.m.

I have been studying KO lately, and have some questions. I really like this count alot, the first unbalanced I have studied. My problem is with the alterations to basic strategy. According to preferred strategy matrix, a hard 12 and hard 13 will STAND to certain dealer stiff cards (4,5,6 for 12: 2,3 for 13) if the running count is ABOVE a certain value, and HIT to those cards until the running count reaches those levels. As a higher running count indicates a deck more rich in tens, can this possibly be right? Has anyone else had difficulty with this? Everything else in this system makes sense to me, but this would seem to indicate that it is correct a 12 to dealers 4 until the count became positive, which means most of the time. If it is correct to do most of the time, then why isn't part of all basic strategy? Can anyone help with this?



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