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team play for multiple side counts

Posted by Naively Lucky on 18 March 1998, at 4:43 p.m.

Hello everyone, I thank you in advance for considering my question. Would there be an advantage to having several team members play at the same table and assign each person the task of keeping a separate side count? For example, Player 1 keeps a side count of Aces, Player 2 keeps a side count of 2-3-4, Player 3 keeps a side count of 5-6-7, Player 4 keeps a side count of 8-9. I made up these combinations of cards to keep a side count of, so don't attach any significance to that. But you get the idea. I am assuming that each player would have some subtle way of signaling the other players. Numbers of $1 chips in front of them, how their chips are stacked, something like that. How much would knowing all of these side counts benefit? Also, would having so many people playing at one table, more hands played right after the shuffle, etc., outweigh this benefit of knowing all these side counts? Thank you, Naively Lucky



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