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Same Table Team Play

Posted by MathProf on 19 March 1998, at 6:40 a.m., in response to team play for multiple side counts, posted by Naively Lucky on 18 March 1998, at 4:43 p.m.

Two counters playing at different tables is, mathematically, better than 2 counters at the same table. The EV is the same, but the standard deviation, or risk, goes down. It is unlikely that anya dditional counting gaing would offset this.

Now there may be cover reasons, particularly in face-down games, to have different people count at different times. This way one counter can look away from the table and talk while the other one is seeing the cards, and vice-versa.

Also, side-counts are very powerful in Single Deck play, especially if one is forced to flat-bet. Flat Bet (or have a very timid spread) for cover, but use the playting gain. If the counters know each other they may be able to alk openly, and appear to be "hunch players". "Ww'll hon, here are my cards, do you think I should insure" you ask the 10-counter.

The idea of having 2 team members at the same table also makes sense with non-Counters. You have a non-Counter and a Counter at the table; the COunter signals the Bet Size and the BS deviations.



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