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$25 max bet if you joined shoe late

Posted by Naively Lucky on 20 March 1998, at 9:42 a.m.

Hello Friends, Has anyone heard of a rule like this: I stopped in Mystic Lake Casino for a few hands of BJ, went to the first table I saw, cashed in for $600 and started placing $10 bets, it was a $10 table with a $200 maximum bet limit, it was a four deck game with about two decks left to deal. I don't count cards, I use a progression betting system (I know I will get hate mail over this), and I won several hands in a row which made my bets $10-$15-$20-$25, the next bet was to be $30, but when I pushed the chips out the dealer said, "You cannot bet over $25 if you joined the game in the middle of the shoe." I thought that the dealer was making up the rules as she went along, so I called the pit boss over to confirm, which he did. If I had been thinking, I would have just spread out to two hands, but this 'new rule' got me flustered so I stuck at $25, and proceeded to win the next five hands. Which if I had been allowed to keep following the progression I would have been at $50+ per hand. All in all I figure this 'rule' cost me $200 including double downs and a blackjack which occurred during this streak. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Naively Lucky



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