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Re: reference for side count gain

Posted by Ace on 20 March 1998, at 10:08 p.m., in response to reference for side count gain, posted by Naively Lucky on 19 March 1998, at 8:59 a.m.

Naively Lucky,

John Imming broke new ground with his UBEPro which can generate multiparameter adjusts for any count. The manual that comes with this software includes complete hit/stand multiparameter adjusts for HOII. Each sidecount is generated separately based on a 52 card deck. Imming points out there is a loss because of interference. For Hi-OptII 1-Dk the 9 adds 5.6% to PE while the 8 adds 3.92% and the Ace adds 4.76%. The 9,8,A together only add 9.38%. Because of this interference Imming recommends that the 7 be counted "FIRST AND FOREMOST"(13.16% gain!) and then the 6(4.9%) since they have virtually no interference. The 7,6 together give an 18.2% gain taking Hi-OptII's PE from .67 to .79!

Based on sims it seems the gain to PE is similar among systems. In other words if the 7 adds 13% to Hi-OptII's PE then it will also add roughly 13% to any system's PE. So, if you strive for the highest overall PE(best for 1Dk) it makes sense to pick a base count with a strong PE --- ace neutral.

T-Hopper promises to have the latest idea for taking $$ from the casinos through combined counts. The book which will present this approach has not been released.





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