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Introductory Counting System.......

Posted by New Addict on 29 March 1998, at 6:25 p.m.

Ok. The bug has bitten me. I spent the weekend in Vegas (first trip ever) for my bachelor party and became totally hooked on BJ.

Since then I have been pounding myself on memorization of Basic strategy (Im using the single deck table from R.G.B Faq) with flash cards etc, reading several books and browsing the web for more information on different counting systems.

But alas, I cannot truly decipher the good from the crap. (Especially with the RGB Faq so noticably out of date) So I am here to ask the experts to recommend a counting system that balances ease to learn, power and graduation to other systems (After T-Hops book comes out perhaps). My gut tells me to start off simple with an unbalanced system where I dont need to convert to TC.

I plan to limit my play to SD so from what I have gathered on this list etc, it is more important to have a counting system that is stronger in playing strategy than in betting strategy.


Current counts I am considering: Red-7, KO, OPT-1, T-Hop-1

A friend also recommended Ace/5 count to me as a starter which I should later use as a side count when I settled on a system. Or I have seen that T-Hop recommended Ace/2 for incorporation as a side count in T-Hop-1

Thoughts/Comments on which I should choose for either the side-count or the primary count??


My tentative training plan is as follows:

1. Continue drilling on Basic Stategy via flash cards.

2. Start with a simple side count (Ace,Ace/2,Ace/5)

3. Drill and test myself with something like Casino Verite (Are there others that are better that I should use??)

4. Settle on a counting system (Red7,KO,Opt-1,T-Hop-1,etc)

5. Drill and test myself with this system

6. Add in the original side count and drill/test

7. More drill/test

8. One weekend in Vegas for live low-budget practice

Thoughts/Comments on my training plan?


PS. Im also a bit of Computer freak so I was interested in running some simulations. What is considered to be the best / most flexible simulation system? (Im dying to try out some inference rules for down cards and their affect on different counting systems)


--John Cavanaugh



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