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Go for Simplicity

Posted by MathProf on 30 March 1998, at 5:47 a.m., in response to Introductory Counting System......., posted by New Addict on 29 March 1998, at 6:25 p.m.

When beginning, start with a simple system. In fact, I would argue for simplcitiy at all levels of play. I use Hi-Lo which is a balanced system, and I use TC conversion. However many people have had sucess with unbalanced systems and if you do not like TC conversion, then by all means chose one of those. KO seems quite popular now, and may be your best bet.

Stay away from side counts and secondary counts while you are beginning. Theymay be worthwile dopwn the road (especially for SD), but in the beginnning concentrate on mastering your primary count.

I think your idea of low-budget on the job training (my words) makes a lot of sense. Coutning in a casino is different than counting at home. Note that you will probably not have a net advantage in the beginning, because of errors.

Is Vegas your only place to play? Any local casinos? Maybe your not far away from LV, but if you are, note that there casinos all over the country. Some of these are lower budget joints where black action sticks out; but for beginners they may be ideal.



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