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Re: Some Suggestions

Posted by Bootlegger on 12 April 1998, at 1:25 p.m., in response to Single Deck Crowded Table, posted by Pat Essary on 11 April 1998, at 3:24 p.m.

Probably the best suggestion would be to avoid single deck games with more than two other players besides yourself. I know that is sometimes hard to do, especially if you play red chips like I do. I have also found that the number of players can quickly change at a table and can go up and down all night, so you may not want to leave a single deck game just because one or two new players sat down, because you are fairly sure they won't stay for long and the good conditions will come back.

When I am playing single deck with more than three players (including myself) and I know the rule of six is in force, I will always bet two hands on the last round if the count is positive. This gets me one extra hand at good counts, it enables me to put more money on the table at less risk and, if I am lucky, it ticks off the other players, who then leave the table in a huff, leaving me with the conditions I wanted in the first place.

I am finding myself playing more double deckers and shoe games because of crowded conditions at single deck tables. When there are more than three players at a single deck table, you will find your expectation is better at the multiple deck games than they are in single deck games with lousy penetration.



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