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what should I add?

Posted by learning card counter on 15 April 1998, at 12:12 a.m.

I'm a semi-new card counter, I've logged about 80 hours, can count down 2 decks using high/low in 40-45sec and can apply the illustrious 18 and fabulous four in a casino setting. I'd like to improve my play soon and I need some advice from those of you who are more experienced then I am(probably most of you). I don't think I'm ready to try a two level count, but I'm thinking of adding a side count to my game. Originally I was thinking of adding an ace side count, I asked another knowledgeable player about it and he said that if I count the ace separatly I can just apply it to high low(which I don't really understand because high low already takes the ace into acount and doesn't do it in an ace rich/poor manner, it just counts it) or I can quite counting the 2 and essentially switch over to hi-opt 1. I would then have to learn new indicies, which could be problematic if there is no hi-opt illustrious 18. The last option comes from reading a post by Ace on March 20th where he says that the 7 should be the first card counted, but I'm not sure that I understood his post correctly. In any case thanks for reading all this, I really appreciate any comments made.



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