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9 vs 2 in K.O. Why not a Category B play?(long)

Posted by NickTheGreek on 1 May 1998, at 3:49 a.m.

I am a beginner who has just finished Knock-out Blackjack. I am thrilled by the elegant simplicity and power of this system, but I have a few questions for whomever might be able to enlighten me. First, the 9 vs 2 play is listed under category A (i.e. plays for when the count is greater than the pivot)but on the detailed tables in the back of the book it appears that the number for this play is the key count.Why then not include it in category B? Second, would it be acceptable to take the insurance at a count of 2 on a 6 deck since the corresponding true count would be greater than 3 if no more than 4 decks are dealt? Finally, for the 6 deck bet spread if one can do a 1 to 10 spread would it be optimal to calculate the bets for 5% ruin using the expectation at a given count (the way Uston does in his book)?I did this using the expectations from the graph on p.75 of KOBJ.But I am not sure if this is right given that it does not account for the increasing uncertainty of the true count corresponding to the RC as we move away from the pivot. Can anybody who is more mathematically adept come up with the mathematically optimally betting scheme? I apologize for the long message. Thanks to anybody who responds.



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