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Re: Great Idea, Flawed Execution

Posted by BJ Quinn on 11 May 1998, at 10:00 p.m., in response to Great Idea, Flawed Execution, posted by T-Hopper on 11 May 1998, at 1:56 a.m.

When I'm told that I'm wrong by an expert,99.9% of the time I'm a believer. How ever unless I ask some questions, the seat of my ignorance remains,so in that spirit I've got to ask. First let me clarify, I count the 5's as a hair stronger than +1 and the aces as a hair less than -1(as A&5's have the biggest affect in the deck)the fives being a much "bigger hair". By keeping that side count I can switch to a fives count strategy if the situation warrents. Also for BS I know that a dealer 6 up(depending on circumstances)may require a playing adjustment on my part. I've only read BTD, and this seemed reasonable, being able to vary stategy(betting and play) I guess I'll have to add the 2's. Thanks for the help.



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