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Sorry, I am trying to be clear..

Posted by BJ Quinn on 15 May 1998, at 10:05 a.m., in response to Re: trying to answer, posted by Pete Moss on 15 May 1998, at 1:29 a.m.

but in rereading my post it's obvious I wasn't. I keep track of a number of items(You are right about the gymnastics) (I'm the one who is sorry for taking up your time.) there are 16 cards in the 2,3,4,&6's , The 12 is the 12 cards in the group of 7,8,&9the other 16 is all the tens, that leaves 8 cards remaining 4-fives and 4-aces. the 0/0 is the 5's & aces(I just find it easier to count up on the 5's/aces and down on the others(nothing but a personal quirk!) The deal starts, ex: I get 2 tens the dealer gets a 3 & a 4 a 9 and a 2 my running count is +1 14/11 (0/0). (Keeping the count in this way I know exactly how many cards remain to be played.)Since no 5's or aces were played, I lower the +1 by 2 for betting purposes(if two 5's had been played,I would have instead added 3,(for the running count-befor true count conversion. I hope this has been more clear. If not, rag me again and I'll try to explain it better. It appears I can't find a happy medium between being too verbose and too brief.



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