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Unbalanced Systems

Posted by Fatty Daddy on 20 May 1998, at 11:02 a.m.

As a recreational player,ie.,12 times a year,8-Deck AC,black chip, I am in a quandry. How many times have you been asked: "What's the best system?" Well how about one more time? I have played Hi-Lo by default. By that I mean I started with Revere +/- many years ago and kind of stuck with it. I trued by guesstimate only and played with a vague idea of the deck composition. There are probably more players like me out there than care to admit on these pages. But I have been success- ful!!! I really do win more times than I lose. I am sure that I'm giving something up, but I don't care because I am blessed with a good income and just enjoy the "mathematics of BJ probability" in action. But now as I get closer to retirement I want to play with a more modern strategy. The unbalanced counts seem to be my ticket. I can handle a two level count. I do not want to true!!! Too much work. I have been playing UBZ11 for the last month at Mohegan Sun and love it. T-Hopper-- Any thought?



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