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Two questions related to T-Hop's prev. post

Posted by D-M on 28 May 1998, at 4:24 p.m.

Two questions:

1)I use Omega II w/ Ace side count. My friend, who I often do team play with, plays High-Low. We both have discussed the fact that all other things being equal, my win rate should be a dollar or two more per hour on average. This is acceptable, but one thing I am also curious about. Does a less "powerful" system incure a greater standard deviation, or a higher risk of ruin? I want to get the World's Greatest Black Simulation for Omega II, so I can compare it to Blackjack Attack which has High-Low values in it.

2)I use an Ace side count with Omega II, but I don't necessarily know how to vary my playing strategy with it. Blackjack for Blood gives no numbers or statistics for varying playing based on Aces. I will say that if I know there are a couple of extra Aces I will double on 10 vs. 10 more often, but I don't have any precise information.

Thanks for any info.



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