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Re: Point Count Power Ratings

Posted by T-Hopper on 7 June 1998, at 4:29 a.m., in response to Re: Point Count Power Ratings, posted by whipshot on 7 June 1998, at 2:11 a.m.

Look at the numbers for Hi-Opt I with and without ace side count compared to the others, such as High-Low and K-O and decide for yourself. If you have trouble with the ace side count, you should try a secondary count before. Most of the people who have tried it find it easier. I'll be putting up a web page describing secondary count, but here's how it would work with your system. Count 2 +1, A -2 on the side and add this count to your primary count for betting, doubling on 9 or 10 and splitting 9s or 10s. The count you get by adding the ace and deuce is most commonly referred to these days as the Silver Fox system, and it is similar to High-Low. You can use the Hi-Opt I/High-Low numbers to see about how well this combination would perform.



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