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Splitting Eights

Posted by mikeh on 7 June 1998, at 9:35 a.m.

Should 8's allways be split vs a dealers 10 regardless of the count? Using KO with the Preferred Strategy is to stand on 16 vs 10 at the key count but I allways split eights, right?? The reason I ask is I just lost 48 units on one hand with this play. Playing a 6d shoe with a 1-12 spread. The count was past the pivot and I had max bet out and slpit 8's vs 10 to three hands and got one double down and the dealers hole card was a ten. It seems to me in a real hi count I it might be better to stand, due to the liklihood of ending with 18's against dealers 20. However, 16 is a sure looser so I dont know...

Thanks Mike



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