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? % Adv. when Wonging?

Posted by D-M on 8 June 1998, at 5:16 p.m.

I have seen many simulations of counts where they run 5 gazillion rounds of play and uses all index numbers (I play Omega II so I have about 160 of them...I only know about 60 or so.), and my count is generally one of the top performers.

Having said that...these simulations help me a lot, but they are unrealistic because I rarely play when the count is below -10, and sometimes I leave even earlier than that.

Has anyone ever run a simulation where every count below -10 the hand isn't played? Or perhaps every count below -5? (These are Omega II values, any other count information would also be useful?

I'm interested in how that would affect the win rate, and the percent advantage I would have over the house. I play mostly double deck, hit soft 17, DOA.

Supposedly I have between a 1% and 1.6% advantage, I'm wondering if my wonging would raise my percent advatage to over 2%?

Long post...

May the fluctuations be with you.




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