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Griffin-1/High-Low Questions

Posted by T-Hopper on Monday, 27 October 1997, at 8:22 p.m., in response to Continuation (continued), posted by The H-Man on Monday, 27 October 1997, at 6:58 p.m.

>Some questions:

>1. How do you mentally approach a combined count as the
>cards are dealt? In Hi-Lo, I try to count 2 cards as they
>are leave the shoe.
See the answer to #2.

>2. Could you run through an example of one round of cards
>with several people at the table.

This is a good question and I'm glad you asked it. I hope
this example is helpful. Remember that it takes much longer
to read this than it does for this hand to be played in a

Single deck, H17, 4 players at the table, counter at last
seat. You bet 2 units off the top when playing single deck.
You are able to see #2 and #3's hole cards.

First round is dealt and the dealer has a 9. Your count is

You glance at your hole cards and see a pair of 5s. The
count is now 2/0.

First player takes a hit, gets a 7, and stands. Your count is

Second player has 6,6 in the hole. The count is now 5/-1.

He takes a hit and draws an 8. The count remains 5/-1.

Third player stands on A,7- a common mistake. The count is
now 6/-3.

You double on your 10, which is a play that requires the
final count to be used instead of the primary count.
6+(-3)=3, x 1.2=3.6, which makes it a clear double. The double down card is dealt face down.

The dealer flips over a 3, which makes your count 6/-2, and
hits with a 6. The dealer has 18 and your count is 7/-2.

Your double down card was a 7. You lose two units, and your
count goes to 8/-3.

After settling with players 3 and 2, the dealer flips over
player 1's Jack, 4. Your count remains unchanged at 8/-3.

Now it is time to place a bet for the second round. Your
final count is 8+(-3)=5. This is multiplied by 1.3 to get
the true count of 6.5. You bet 4 units.

>3. Would you still use Wong's Hi-Lo tables with the combined count?

You can use Wong's tables for the final count plays, but
I would not recommend using them for Griffin-1. One option
you have for now is to use Hi-Opt I as your primary count
and get about 75% of the gain you would from Griffin-1.
Hi-Opt I indices are available in Lance Humble's The World's
Blackjack Book, which can be found in many
bookstores. Your win rate with the Hi-Opt I/High-Low combined
count, although lower than Griffin-1/High-Low, will still
be better than Hi-Opt I with ace side count.



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