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The Search for the Best Count (Long)

Posted by Old Amateur on 12 June 1998, at 3:15 p.m.

I have played Hi Lo since 1976. Successfully. I true counted but hated it. "Divide by this, multiply by the reciprocal of that". Give me a break! I would much rather talk to the other players, the waitresses and the pit bosses. My mind was quick and I could do all the right things simultaneously. What fun!! My bankroll was large enough to play black chips and I was suitably comped. What a blast! I stopped playing in 1989 for various reasons, and only recently dug out and dusted off my dog-eared, moth eaten copy of "Playing Blackjack as a Business" by Revere. Then one day I entered the word "Blackjack" into my search engine. Holy Cow!! I cannot believe the explosion of information concerning Blackjack since I left it!! The internet has more than I can handle and that's the crux of the problem. So... Learn Zen. A great count, great idea to "zen" the Ace. Highly efficient playing strategy. Two weeks of study. Unbalanced count? KO?? What's that? Learn KO. A fantastic idea. NO TRUE COUNTING!! Two weeks of study. I can handle a two-level count. Learn UBZ11. A nice system that has the best of Zen and KO. Two weeks of study. Wait a minute. I play 8 deck, East Coast. Unbalanced counts degrade in multiple deck. Relearn Zen. Too many index numbers! Wait a minute. Zen lite comes on the scene. Learn the Zen lite numbers. Easy enough. Wait a minute. Everyone on the "net" talks about how Unbalanced counts are the wave of the future. Relearn KO. Wait a minute.If your going to go unbalanced-- go UBZ11. Two weeks of study. Wait a minute. I already know Hi Lo, why not learn Hi Lo Lite and just study deck sizing and forget about unbalanced. Wait a minute. UBZ11 will probably come out with an 8 Deck system some day. Relearn UBZ11. Call one of the BJ pros. "NEED ADVICE??" BJ pro says: "STOP THE NONESENSE" Get a count and a system that you can play comfortably. You are talking about .0001%!!! Ok! Zen is the choice. No more bull. Whoops, "Blackjack Attack" by Schlesinger, p.69 bottom, "paramount cosiderationsare the number of decks..." betting can be 4.5 x strategy... Learn Revere Point Count. Old Amateur

everything I can.



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