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Re: Can W.E. keep the indices?

Posted by T-Hopper on Tuesday, 28 October 1997, at 10:57 a.m., in response to Re: Can W.E. keep the indices?, posted by white_elephant on Tuesday, 28 October 1997, at 10:01 a.m.

Hi-Opt I is 3-6 +1, 10 -1
High-Low is 2-6 +1, 10,-1, A -1
The ace-deuce count is 2 +1, A -1

You can use Hi-Opt I for playing, keep the ace-deuce count,
and add it to Hi-Opt I for betting. Also remember that
High-Low should be used for some plays instead of Hi-Opt I.

This two point secondary count is not as strong as the four
point secondary count(used for Griffin-1 and High-Low), but
it is easier and will give you about 75% of the gain for
the more difficult secondary count with High-Low.

The same ace-deuce count is used with T-Hop 1 and K-O.



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