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Re: Level One Unbalanced: T-Hop 1/K-O

Posted by Pete Moss on Friday, 31 October 1997, at 12:20 p.m., in response to Level One Unbalanced: T-Hop 1/K-O, posted by T-Hopper on Saturday, 25 October 1997, at 4:09 p.m.

I posted this previously, but it appears to have gotten lost. I devoloped a quite similar system a few months ago. (Great minds think alike, eh T-Hop?)

One difference is that I keep the K-O count and the Ace/deuce count in my head, and combine them when needed to get a count for playing decisions. I only add the two together when a playing decision is close and I need the combined count, which is effectively T-Hop's "primary" count. (The plain K-O count is used for doubling with 9 or 10, or soft 20, splitting 10's, splitting 99 vs ace.) Doing it that way has some advantages: 1. I'm always ready to bet instantly. 2. I don't often need to add the two counts together, 3. Since more cards are counted in the K-O count, there are more combinations that cancel.

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