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Re: Naming your count system

Posted by Ken Fuchs on 18 February 2000, at 12:56 p.m.

"In my view, there are three components to a complete counting system: the point count values, the playing strategy, and the betting strategy. For example, look at the Basic system results, where there is a huge differnce between the K-O Core and T-H Basic system, where only the fixed playing strategy is different."

Yes, technically speaking, that is true, and you are well within
your rights to put a different name on that system. However, from
an ethical standpoint, it is wrong. Others agree with me. Since
your basic system does make improvements to basic K-O, why don't
you call it "Enhanced K-O" or something like that.

The real advances that you made are in providing a true count
system and an advanced side-count system that build off of
running count K-O. Those systems are yours and you should take
proper credit and call them anything you wish.

Good Luck,



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