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Re: Naming your count system

Posted by Ken Fuchs on 18 February 2000, at 1:11 p.m.

"I take pains to explain that Brh-O is not Red-7, and do completely acknowledge that to count every other 7 as +1 (Brh-0-lite) is actually Red-7,"

I think we're in agreement here. I believe that most important
part of the credit belongs to the assignment of the tags. If you
do not change the tags or do somthing like doubling them, you have
not created a new system, only an enhancement. If you change
tags (like from Red7s=1 to all 7s = +0.5), then it is indeed a
different count.

Many people play a count called "Wong's-Halves-Doubled", this is
an enhancement to "Wong's-Halves" and I think it is fitting that
the count is called what it is. Wong spent time developing that
count and he spent money marketing it. It would be wrong of someone
else to come along and put their own name on it simply because they
modified a few strategy indices or changed the betting advice.
Don't you agree?

"You and Olaf invented running count K-O, but I do not really know what the legal situation would be if someone sold a system with K-O tags and true count indices. "

The only legal situation would that would arise is if they used the
K-O, Knock-Out, or TKO trademark without my permission. If I agreed
with the quality of their work, I would most likely give the
permission for free. This is what I done for T-Hopper.

"You may have another 'situation' arising soon as well. Another player I know has come up with a count which he calls 'Advanced-K-O' or something similar, which is in my opinion more like level-3 Unbalanced Zen (it is an ace compromised Brh-I variant).. I respect the player and I don't want to cause problems, but if you wish him to contact you about the name issue I can email him and let him know if you like. "

Have him contact me. I may give permission to use the name, or if
not, we may work out some other comprimise.

Best Regards,



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