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Unbalanced Systems

Posted by Foreigner on 19 February 2000, at 3:06 a.m.

Well, for a new counter playing exclusively 5 and 6D and losing consistently using K-O, he gets the impression that changing to a better system is to change to K-O again? Other unbalanced systems can be a bit better but for 1 or 2D what is not my case. It is this all I wanted to know when asking for un unbalanced system I could try to replace actal K-O for 5 and 6D, due bad results for over 3 months. As it seems K-O for 5/6 Decks is on top, I should now change to a suitable balanced system -- there are plenty and the question is to choose the one more suitable for me. I wanted to avoid this as I have no patience for true count converstions and Aces side counts.



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