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Re: Have sent him email.. no response yet (nt)

Posted by The Grifter on 22 February 2000, at 4:11 a.m., in response to Have sent him email.. no response yet (nt), posted by Brh on 21 February 2000, at 9:53 p.m.

Get real guys -

There are numerous examples of plagerism among today's established count system developers - the Dubner/Shannon Point Count became the Thorp Point Count became Revere's Plus Minus became Wong's HiLo (and it was around before Shannon suggested it to Dubner; the Canfield Master Count was one of at least two earlier versions of the tag set that Carlson eventually named Omega; Einstien's count became Humble's HO1; Snyder was NOT first with the ZEN tags; etc.

I'm with THopper on this - there is more to a system's name than the tag sets.

Anyone heard of 'Black Deauces' yet? Its featured in my new book called "KO Bushido" by ZenHopper.




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