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Some academic points

Posted by Cyrus on 23 February 2000, at 12:22 a.m., in response to Re: Have sent him email.. no response yet (nt), posted by The Grifter on 22 February 2000, at 4:11 a.m.

"Get real guys - There are numerous examples of plagerism among today's established count system developers - the Dubner/Shannon Point Count became the Thorp Point Count became Revere's Plus Minus became Wong's HiLo."

I don't follow the (leap of) logic here, Griff! If you think that plagiarism is wrong, then saying that the practice is widespread ("numerous examples") surely doesn't justify it, just like it doesn't justify burglary in a burglary-plagued neighborhood. I don't know what "get real" means in that situation... If on the other hand you happen to think that there's nothing wrong with plagiarism, then the issue of how many people do it is irrelevant: moral issues are not justified or refuted by numbers.

[I also do not remember seeing anywhere Stanford Wong calling the HiLo system "Wong's HiLo" anywhere; only other writers called it that, presumably because he was the one to popularize it. There's a criterion for the nomenclature for you! And I'm not joking either: it's fully applicable in Chess theory, for instance.]

"There is more to a system's name than the tag sets."

What do you have in mind? I mean as a criterion. Because puting my name on, for example, the HiLo systemon the basis of a different betting strategy or a cover strategy or even an indices matrix which is based on the HiLo tags, would not be right: it could only be my betting strategy , etc. Or, were I to give my name to my "system" (don't worry, Aron Nimzowitch!), on the basis that I'm forming a "total strategy", only part of which are the tags, I would make sure that the tags are appropriately acknowledged.

And if my "system" is worth as a whole to be fully accredited to me, because of its worth and importance, others will/may subesequently do so. That's how nomenclature works in practice; no matter how full of myself I may be and how many books I sell, if my "system" isn't worth much, it will have very few claims in the reference books of the future.

--Just my dime's worth of thoughts.



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