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Re: uston apc

Posted by SOTSOG on 7 March 2000, at 11:23 a.m., in response to uston apc, posted by Tim on 7 March 2000, at 10:28 a.m.

BE is the most important, especially in multi-deck shoes. Who cares if you play a hand perfectly if you don't have the bets out to back it up? PE gets a growing role in single deck and double deck but doesn't surpass BE. I don't know that adding BE and PE is a valid tool for comparison. A 1% BE with 99% PE system -vs- 100% BE with 0% PE (follow
BS always) both have a 'rating' of 100% but the 100% BE system will put 100x more money in your pocket. Also the PE and BE numbers change depending on number of decks, rules, etc. so you might want to check what game these numbers are based on. Twice the work for what you say is a 7% gain? Only you can decide.



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