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You still type it wrong

Posted by Cyrus on 16 July 2000, at 2:36 a.m., in response to Re: 11vT, posted by Foreigner on 16 July 2000, at 1:34 a.m.

"From now on, I will double 11 vs 10's in No-Hole European tables or in some African Casinos where there is a hole card but dealer doesn't peek under his 10 valoue card"

I don't understand why but you still type it wrong!...

So, it bears repeating, in order to make sure you or anybody else is not mistaken: The only important thing, when the dealer turns up a Blackjack, is whether
(a) he collects only the original bets of the players, or
(b) if he collects all the bets including double-downs & splits.
It is NOT important to know when the dealer gets his hole-card, first or last; it is of secondary importance to know if he "peeks under his ten" or not; these things don't matter! All it matters is whether it's (a) or (b) in the casino you play.

In case of (a) double-down 11vT just like it says in the Knock Out book. In case of (b) do NOT double-down 11vT unless the HiLo TC is equal to or greater than +3.

Hope it is clear now. Take care.



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