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My Last Trip To Reno

Posted by Scummie on 1 October 2000, at 1:46 p.m.

I went on a bus trip from Silicon Valley to Reno, Saturday moring to Sunday afternoon.
The bus ride was cool although confining because it forced me to study my book for a few hours as there was not much to do. I know I should study more, but I am more motivate if I play a little and then review the book, then play a little more.
I forgot my number one rule to not play single decks because the rules are too confining (I think) and deck penetration is poor with people popping in and out of tables (are they Wonging?). I also think shoes are tough because you play so long with a neutral count before you can make a play (is this why people shuffle track?).
On the last day with an hour or two to go, I went to a casino I did poorly at before (too many players at the table). It was just me and an old lady. Sometimes I would play the count, but often, I kept two or more units out regardless of a negative or nuetral count because they were winning where as the day before when I had good counts I would be loosing using the Hi-Opt 1 advance play with no ace side count. Is this because I was lucky and should avoid the huch play which I attribute to card clumping?
Since I am winning more than my trip expenses on each adventure, I figure this way of practicing is OK because I don't retain enough when studing at home. I do now recognize the importance of the card drills for estimating spent deck, true count, etc. where before I was skeptacal. I find more value at home running simulations on a cheap software I got to answer some of my questions although I wonder if the software for sell on this site can be more informative considering my investment of time.
I can see how so many who read a system still winds up loosing, it takes a lot to learn. But I am getting better each trip and my skills are increasing although I am a little impatient. I have two big players lined up for when I feel totally in control at the table but am wondering if I even need a partner because my winning a few hundred dollars at a casino every few weeks doesn't raise eyebrows (I do get excited and will bet a 10 to 1 spread accidently by confusing my chips).
So feel free to comment on the above in general or to one or more of the following:
Am I right that two decks in Reno is the best?
Do you agree to keep the bets out there is you are on a streak, at least until they win some of it back?
Is the more expensive software worth while? Why and what did you use and would you buy it again?
Are casinos still banning players?
The dealers seem to be on the side of tippers, will they turn someone in during a break or is survellance only from above or the pit?
Are teams the way to go? I have two ladies who do not know how to play but want to try it, and two advance counters with Revere's system (they won't even hear of using an easier system but are good with math , memory and count) lined up
Take care all and thanks in advance for advice.



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