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Re: My Last Trip To Reno

Posted by Perry on 1 October 2000, at 10:06 p.m., in response to My Last Trip To Reno, posted by Scummie on 1 October 2000, at 1:46 p.m.

Think of it seriously. You're going through all that work and practice and when you're finally start to make the bucks, the casinos will ban you! Isn't that a problem ahead of you, even though chances are that you will never arrive there?

I think few double-deck bj tables allow you in some casinos (Paradise, Peppermill, etc.) to double down on any two cards.

Take note that the cards unfold in the same way for a skilled or unskilled player. Losing streaks come to both players and it is independent of how well one knows the game. The clever player does not fight the trend and looks for a luckier table before he loses his cap for that session. Psychology and money management is most important and counting does not mean you will become a winner... Far from it. It could take away your enjoyment of the game and become a distraction itself. Don't believe there are counters who are robbing the casinos. It's mainly told by those who write books and make their money from that. Be suspicious of posters who are bragging that they are winning... In the long run, gambling is not a winning proposition. That is reality and not what is told in posts on the internet. Most of the talk is done to promote sales of books and systems... Casinos will welcome you without any problem even if you count cards aloud! They laugh especially knowing that 99% of counters end up losing anyway. If the table is unlucky, what's the use of counting anyway. You must pack up and leave. However, if you're playing real big and happen to be in a long lucky streak, they have the right to stop you. Thenm they can blame you for anything they want to blame you with, such as counting, cheating, being drunk, or bad behavior and throw you out.

Don't forget to be very carful in gambling. Make sure it's for entertainmen only. Do not easily believe that there are many living on gambling winnings. There are many driven to poverty and debt. You can check on that if you're a skeptik by contacting the Gamblers Anonymous... They'll give you references and you could talk with them. They have tragic stories that started with hopes of learning all and make big bucks the easy way... There is no such thing... It has been tested time and again.

A playful approach with well rehearsed strategies may help you to eliminate bad streaks by changing tables, and casinos is important. Never get stuck more than a limited time at an unlucky game... Go with a stop limit in your mind. One's ability to count well has no relation to fight an unlucky table... actually it may become a trap to keep you at that table. Learn well, play in a cool, calm and collected way and above all stay in control. Good luck.



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