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Re: Thanks, You Were Almost 100% Right

Posted by Scummie on 8 October 2000, at 9:46 p.m., in response to Re: My Last Trip To Reno, posted by Perry on 1 October 2000, at 10:06 p.m.

Hi Perry,

I appreciate your advise. I don't plan on turning full time pro, but I do plan on playing and winning a little each year. I like the atmosphere of the casinos in general. So up until this past year, I would make a trip to Reno or Vegas every year or so to gamble, and then end up taking in the sights because I would get bored after an hour or two at the tables.

I find the conditions hard to win with crowded tables, people jumping in and out during a deck, all of the noise of the slots, artificial lights and air, and those lovely ladies walking around.

On the flip side, I read where a counter was bared and had to go to court to get his $40,000 in winnings. The local court ruled in the casino favor and the supreme court had a 3 to 1 ruling in the players favor (3 judges sat out because of investments in casinos).

So I think the game is beatable. I notice that I get tracked from pit to pit now although I stay with 5 or 10 dollars as the basic bet. I also noticed that when I won big with one dealer, they switched him permanently to craps. Another "lucky" dealer was switched to other floors.

I have come to the conclusion that the optimism and enthusiasm that causes a player to buy a book and then jump in is the same thing that dooms him to start playing too soon and seriously before he has mastered the game.

I also think that most players go into the casino with the goal of not loosing too much. If winning happens, they will take it.

And finally, casinos will ban players, try to confiscate winnings, encourage negative conditions, etc. A player this past year had to appeal to a higher court to get his winnings.

Thanks for the advice.



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