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Re: Kenny Uston Did

Posted by Scummie on 23 November 2000, at 11:01 p.m., in response to Computer????, posted by Raffie on 21 November 2000, at 2:13 p.m.

I never heard of George Farlow and his computer. But I read about a famous player named Kenny Uston who pioneered the use of computers in combination with Blackjack Teams.

In one of his books, I think Million Dollar Blackjack, the late Uston discusses the process of getting the computer(s), training teams with the use of inputing information and signaling plays to partners, and about getting hauled into the Casnino Security Office of his players just an hour or so before the law banning computers went into affect (were the security going to detain the players until after midnight and claim they just caught them?).

Kenny writes and I do not have persnoal knowlege that computers are banned and that one can get a $10,000 fine and a stiff jail sentence. He reported that his computer teams were more profitable (after redesigning for inputting more accurately and getting the process down) than were his manual teams.

Kenny passed away a few years ago, but the book is fun to read and instructional. Anybody who has read the book and played blackjack will feel like Ken was a friend. I only wish I had met the crazy maverik and I envy those who did.

I would guess that anybody who uses a computer and wins even moderately will get caught sooner than later. The current count systems are easy enough to learn versus the older multi-level systems. What you loose by not having a computer can be gained back by playing just a little longer or by practicing more before venturing off to a casino.

By the way. Kenny ceased to use a computer after the law went into affect according to his books. He weighed the pros and cons and decided against this for various reasons.



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