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Posted by T-Hopper on 14 May 2001, at 4:16 p.m., in response to NEW CC SYSTEM: ANYONE?(Queen HalveHiLo CC system, posted by Queen!sm on 14 May 2001, at 3:29 p.m.

I've seen a system with these exact values before. It's not as good as the unbalanced systems Uston SS(change the Ace to -2) or BRH(2 = +1, Ace = -2, 9 = 0). My simulations have shown that 2-7 +1 10, Ace -1 is just about as good for betting as anything else, over a wide range of game conditions. If you only play in a certain type of game then there might be something a little better.

>Also, itís obvious that in an 8d game, the 9 is a stronger card for
>player than the 7-card.

Why do you say that?



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