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2 cents

Posted by Cyrus on 15 May 2001, at 1:14 p.m.

"1. Why have it been pretty quite at times?"

It's tough to say what makes a message board tick and what makes another one go belly up, especially when they're both so similar - like and

Michael Dalton has given outstanding services to the game of Blackjack! I call him the Paladin of 21. Nevertheless, his website gets a lot of hits (according to what he claims) but very little input as such.

One ingredient for a successful MB is the abundance of steady & 'colorful' characters. The Voodoo Board was getting something like 30 posts a day (that's for a single page!), two years ago, when a kook was getting everyone worked up (names are not important).

Unfortunately, Dalton decided that he wants none of the 'colorful' stuff. Clarke Cant was banned outright, for example, something which alienated other posters, like Gehrig. Dalton did not understand (or didn't care about) the fact that, in order to be picky & choosy, a webmaster must first hit some critical mass of popularity. This website was trying to get 'respectable' before it got off the ground!

Methinks, Wong's site has taken the ball and is running with it. Too late for the other sites to catch up.

"2. In What ways this message board can be improved?"

First, see above. Then perhaps intentional generation of posts must be done through the active participation of MD and others. Traffic attracts more traffic. (Hasn't Dalton ever run a bar or something? People don't like to come in an empty place, that's why the bar operator invites friends over to 'shill'. At least, Dalton must've opened dozens of BJ tables to play heads-up, only to see ploppies parking their ass right beside him as soon as he played a hand! This should've taught 'im something.)

This site can boast of the regular presence of an expert like T-H. More are needed, perhaps. It's a big plus.

...Just my two cents.




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