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What do they say?

Posted by Cyrus on 5 July 2001, at 11:22 p.m., in response to The numbers speak for themselves, posted by T-Hopper on 5 July 2001, at 2:22 a.m.

"The typical response when someone asks about six deck games is that High-Low/I18 will capture virtually all of the potential gain."

Depends on what we mean by "virtually all". That may be the "typical response" one gets from half-educated pundits but that is not what the creator of the Illustrious 18 himself says. Don Schlesinger wrote (BJA p.67) that the I18 "contribute the most gain to the hi-lo
player's hands in a 4-deck, deal 3 situation".

I believe that not everything works for everybody. You are an expert card counter, able to juggle side counts and all that, effortlessly (or, at least, easier than the average counter), while Schlesinger himself admits to always having used some 150 RPC indices. But for the majority of players the extra effort detracts from taking care of issues like camouflage and other, equally vital, considerations.

So, you're correct that more indices means more gains but that doesn't mean, etc..

"I don't judge effort - that is for each player to decide. I only report results."

A line should be plotted on the X,Y axis. On the X-axis, we would gauge Effor, measured in whatever measure a scientist measures brain activity (wattage?!?..). On the Y-axis, we would plot Earnings, measured in $/hour. I would venture that the line would rise steeply then almost level out, asymptotically reaching a point where the extra effort yields so small a return that it is worthwhile only for theoreticians to consider.

[Note : this is my own perennial work in progress, T-H. Stay tuned...]

It should not be judged a trespassing over the boundaries of objectivity when the observer notes the discrepancy between Earnings and Effort. You may choose to only "report results" but it is equally acceptable to pass on your objective observations as to the equation behind the plotted line, à la Schlesinger.



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