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Re: Low Penetration - - Help!

Posted by Newbie on 9 July 2001, at 8:59 p.m., in response to Re: Low Penetration - - Help!, posted by Michael Dalton on 9 July 2001, at 5:52 p.m.

Wow, you people are unbelievably helpful. I guess I've just learned quite a bit.

The game I was playing -- the 2 decker is played under very favorable rules: dealer stands on soft 17; double on anything; double after split; and insurance offered (I do know enough to only take this on a +3 TC). But, after considering your comments, I'm considering completely altering my strategy. My knowledge is basically derived from The World's Greatest BlackJack Book, a few other good books, some online downloads (the playing variations and some indexes I'm still trying to cram into my already crowded head). Humble of course advocates the minimum amount of decks possible. This led me to think that I should shun the shoe and play only the hand held games. The shuffles employed on some of the shoes was another problematic consideration. However, I have seen 6 deckers that are not continuous shufflers near home. Now you have me reconsidering--perhaps the shoe is the way to go under these circumstances.

I'll need to go back and recon to see how many decks are cut out of the shoes. I noticed that some have multiple blocks so I'm not quite sure how much they're cutting out exactly. Given the rules I've noted above, would you still advocate going to the shoe if the shoe has 60% penetration?

I think with the Hi Opt I as a foundation I can quickly adopt to a new system that counts aces. Is there a system that simply counts the aces and 2s in addition to those counted in the Hi Opt I?

If you have any more words of wisdom I'll gladly tune in. Thanks again.



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