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Single Deck Low Penetration?

Posted by Newbie on 13 July 2001, at 4:10 p.m.

This last week I went to a casino in Shreveport, Louisiana. Same rules: dealer stands on S17, DOA, DAS. Also, it was a single deck game with 50%-55% penetration. Basically zero heat. Several players at the table varied their bets wildy from the minimum $5 bet with no attention whatsoever. I was not associated with them but we all had a very entertaining time. I had two winning sessions.

I have also gone to using Thorp's count instead of the Hi-Opt I. Therefore, I am now also counting 2s and Aces and an Ace side count is so easy on the one-decker that it is obviously used. I don't think I'm at the level yet where I could maintain this count and keep track of 24 aces in the six-decker - - but not far from it.

Still, I wonder, is this one-deck game about even or better than a 6 deck shoe with 2 decks cut out. Or, does the shoe offer the better odds for me? It seems so easy to track the cards on the one-decker, but I wonder about the relative lack of penetration.

Help is appreciated.



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