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Re: JohnMay's bjbook + the unreasonably high TC for Index

Posted by Leroy Nimka on 19 July 2001, at 4:56 p.m., in response to Re: JohnMay's bjbook + the unreasonably high TC for Index, posted by Player A vs. Dealer 11 on 18 July 2001, at 8:27 p.m.

"What do you think of the Hi Low? I originally used the Hi Opt I and have been told that it is better for multiple decks."

If you meant that you've been told that Hi-Lo is better than Hi-Opt I for multiple decks, that's correct. Using Hi-Opt I with an ace side-count in a shoe game would be about as advantageous as using Hi-Lo alone, but would require a lot more work. Hi-Opt I is generally not a very useful count for today's blackjack games, unless you expect to play mostly single decks.

I'm a K-O user myself. I switched to it after about 25 years of using Hi-Lo. K-O is virtually as powerful as Hi-Lo but much easier to use, and it's easy to convert to K-O if you already know Hi-Lo.

Leroy Nimka




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