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Response to John May

Posted by New Counter on 14 August 2001, at 5:32 p.m., in response to Re: Need Clarification on Variations, posted by John May on 11 August 2001, at 7:53 a.m.

Apologies first. I didn't mean to antagonize you and I do defer to your greater experience.

Having said that, from a position of attempting to become proficient at the game, your text, copyright 2001 on page 24 directs the player to do the following:

1) If the player hand is 13 and the dealer upcard is 2, "Draw" when the count is equal to or greater than 0.

2) If the player hand is 12 and the dealer upcard is 4, "Draw" when the count is equal to or greater than 0.

From a new player perspective, this is intuitively very hard to grasp, and seems downright incorrect. Several others have opined that this advice is wrong.

Without reference to all of your above-mentioned variables, not addressed in your text, are you now telling us that the index on page 24 of your text should be followed as printed??

If not, perhaps I am not the one who owes an apology after all.



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