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Re: You don't have to be a chicken to tell a bad egg!

Posted by New Counter on 15 August 2001, at 9:53 p.m., in response to You don't have to be a chicken to tell a bad egg!, posted by Leroy Nimka on 15 August 2001, at 3:47 p.m.

Thanks Leroy. I was wondering if I had lost my mind! It is all there in plain print for all to see on page 24 of Mr. May's book, Get The Edge at Black Jack.

I really only had wanted clarification of what I thought was only a typographical error. I'm not alleging that Mr. May is intentionally leading anyone wrong. I am surprised that he will not simply say there is a typo in the book.

Leroy, I successfully employed the K O system tonight. It was the maiden voyage of the system. If I recall correctly you had referred me to it. It is fantastically easy to use and seemed quite powerful enough. It did the job very nicely indeed!

Thanks again.



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