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Like Mother Like Son

Posted by Mum+Son on 30 August 2001, at 4:58 a.m., in response to Post of (my/) the "BJ History" , posted by Q!'s Archives on 17 July 2001, at 2:10 p.m.

My dearest SON-ia

Posted by MUM on 28 August 2001, at 9:33 p.m., in response to Re: BS!, posted by G.W. on 9 August 2001, at 7:41 p.m.

When will u stop??? Whatever u say, it's not going to change much about the increasing awareness of people about CC systems.
OK, if BJ is "unbeatable" as u been saying,at least it'll definitely make u lose less...
I quite like your style as a person + when u write about life + all that, yes your sense of humor too...But i happen to disagree with u about CC
u posted ' it is the player FIRST to take ACTION taking the RISK! "
LIFE itself is a name of a GAME. THE BIGGEST GAME.. A game we all have to play, regardless of who we r, what we do... And all games involve a certain degree of risk... This Life game has many components: Luv/Marriage, Profession, Finance etc... Under FinanceGame, bj is one of them... Under this Finance Game, we have BJ, stock, incomes of all sources fr stable working to property investment, business adventure etc...

If majority of us here choose to have BJ game under our FinanceGame, Y keep telling us over+ over again that we shouldnot???
Let's take the risk... What would life be if there's no risk... Learn + Live, my friendSonia, that' was what u told me on Voodoo page... Without taking risk in life, u don't learn much thing... And life becomes meaningless if we don't learn...Someone said Learn+ Live or you don't live long is very tru indeed.

If however, those CCs were subjected to -ve SD + they were discourage enough to give up, they may not hang around these sites, so your message ARE NOT HEARD... U have to do "marketing" job at the interested audience to get the effects, or u r wasting your time + energy...

Luving U
p/s: sometimes your English is excellent, Sonia. U make me feel that u don't do the "cut +paste" sometimes. I can't really see any "accent" in your posts sometimes
Re: SON-ia?

Posted by G.W. on 28 August 2001, at 11:58 p.m., in response to My dearest SON-ia, posted by MUM on 28 August 2001, at 9:33 p.m.

Great imagination MUM! I love U 2!

I love philosophy, MUM. I see that U may do well in the BJ (black jungle) of life, as you now show interest in philosophy too... Living is learning and learning is living... Have an abundant life, Mum!

Yes, life involves risk taking. No, gambling is not under financial and if you keep a good balance in all you do and in everything you do you may inherit the kingdom. Yes, to learning. No, to everything that initially seems to satisfy the lower instincts. Yes, to selectivity. No, to justifying anything under the cover or disguise of risk taking.

MUMMY dearest, you're surprised SON(ia?)



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