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HiOpt vs HiLo

Posted by Cyrus on 10 November 2001, at 10:18 a.m., in response to I have questions about a counting system, posted by Firrari on 7 November 2001, at 9:53 p.m.

"I chose Hi-Opt II. This count from the comparison that I read rated it very hig in Playing Efficiency, Betting Efficiency and on Insurance. I was wanting some expert advice on this system since I am a novice. It appears that the vast majority of everybody uses Hi-Lo even though it has a low playing efficiency. What is the real advantage of using Hi-Opt II as opposed to Hi-Lo on a Vegas game? Why is it not a very popular counting system?"

HiOpt has proven to be amongst the most powerful systems ever. The study conducted by Don Schlesinger and his collaborators placed HiOpt II at the top of the SCORE table, whether back-counting or playing-all. Schlesinger compared HiLo, KO, HiOpt I, HiOpt II, Zen, Unbalanced Zen II, Revere's Point Count, Advanced Omega II, Wong's Halves, Uston's Advanced Point Count and Revere's Advanced Point Count. Everything that was something was tested. [See]

The most popular system however seems to be an easier one, namely HiLo, as you also mention. [See, among others, the relevant Blackjack Mathematics poll.] The reason is ..its simplicity. That, and the fact that it has been propagated by none other than Stanford Wong, in his seminal Professional Blackjack. Most every reference made nowadays about a play on some count level, you can be sure it is a HiLo count level, if no specific system is mentioned.

Then Knock-Out (or KO) came along, which is even simpler than HiLo, but still packs a very strong punch. [See the eponymous book by Vancura & Fuchs, which I believe is sold on this website too.] KO is catching up fast to HiLo, but because it is a late comer, has some way to go before it becomes the #1 system used by counters.


PS : By the way, T-Hopper is a big adversary of the K.I.S.S. principle! His system has already become a legend before its time, since it has been promised for a number of years now, but is keeps getting fine-tuned to death. Perhaps T-Hopper will expand once more about why "Less is ..well, less, and more is more". Watch this space.



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