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Misplaced sarcasm

Posted by Cyrus on 11 November 2001, at 1:25 a.m., in response to Re: doesnot matter how good it is?, posted by Harry on 10 November 2001, at 9:49 p.m.

For the record, T-Hopper has never offered any guarantees whatsoever, just as nobody else of repute in the Blackjack literature has. On the contrary, all the experts have gone out of their way to warn players of the many potential risks involved. Contrast this with the scamsters' attitude for an easy lesson in honesty.

"Harry" wrote

"What do you say if [T-Hopper] also provides a guarantee with his book/system? Get ready for something very new and revolutionary. It will sell like hot cakes... Have in mind that he may also stipulate the level of performance based on a scientifically measurable training and practice standard."

The people who have not taken the time required (very little, really) to study the Mathematics of the game (very easy, really) about advantage techniques (very basic, really) cannot be expected to have a worthy opinion about them. Anything short of a solid "guarantee" that they will win with System A or System B, won't do it for them...

It's the same guys probably that are suckers for all the other "solid" guarantees in their lives, such as those offered by fly-by-night stockbrokers, high-yield bond sellers and telemarketers, more than anybody else. The more these people are hit and punished with hard reality, the more they cling on to idiotic "guarantees" and ridicule anything that makes no promises.

We have both denial and rage working here .




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