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Clarke Cant's Blackjack Therapy

Posted by Michael Dalton on 27 December 2001, at 11:07 p.m.

I just received an email from Clarke Cant, who has granted me permission to post his "Blackjack Therapy" document. I have not read the entire text, but it sounds interesting. I'll leave it up to the rest of the blackjack community to comment on it.

Email from Clarke Cant (12/27/01): "attached except for appendix B, which is a simple derivation on how you can have distributed latency in CSMs. Enjoy, post for free if you wish---the market is down for all such books!"

Blackjack Therapy
Dedicated to Paul Keen, Craig Glossner, Harvey Cannon and Joe Perales.

This work is text only and lacks normal footnotes and bibliography to avoid format problems for readers who may be downloading this document with the wide variety of alias servers and formats they may be using on a casino trip. Print editions will include these items, but there should be adequate information, in text, to provide readers with source information. Copyright 2000 Clarke Cant, a registered penname and alias.

Blackjack Therapy

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1, entry points.

Chapter 2, basic strategy fast and easy; your first step in advantage is couponomy.

Chapter 3, the Blackjack Formula revised and revisited.

Chapter 4, the truly optimal bankroll, to infinity and beyond.

Chapter 5, Psi Blackjack is Limited

Chapter 6, Bangers and other tasty tricks to do to a casino

Chapter 4A, The rest of chapter 4 ? patience rewarded

Chapter 7, Shuffle Tracking to the Limits, how to use the blackjack formula for ST too.

Chapter 8, Amazing health tips and tests of your attitudes to health. Yes too plans to build a muscle relaxer and blood cleanser.

Chapter 9, how to beat those feared shuffle machines (and why they are probably illegal too).

Chapter 10, Why I believe in Anarchy, Chaos and human progress.

Chapter 11, Uston +/-, Zen, and Victor APC count indexes.

Chapter 12, Moving on up?how high is the blackjack sky and how to safely climb on up

APPENDIX A - Ruin and Distribution

APPENDIX B - Showing the maximum profit and BJF for continuous shuffle machine games

APPENDIX C - Estimating Bankroll Requirements



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