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verbosity, typos, tangential...

Posted by gehrig on 29 December 2001, at 7:31 a.m., in response to Estimating Bankroll Requirements - Blackjack Therapy:Appendix C, posted by Michael Dalton on 27 December 2001, at 11:17 p.m.

discussions, complexity, super mathweenie-isms aside...

the "theraputic" essence is, for some "authorities"/usta was's/oughta-be's, that there be multiple ways to skin this cat over which we've all been lathering. to simplify, just as the joints carefully preen and hone the game so must the player evolve. the successful, continmuing player absolutely must add arrows to his quiver. failing that, he'll watch his "edge" wither to when i began playing lv 21 in the early 60's, the games were milk runs. i don't recall *any* 21 games, lv or reno, that would by today's yardstick, not be decimated with current skills. the games have changed such that using cbjn for example, we (and i) chase a couple hundreths percent smaller "casino advantages".

that ain't gonna cut it anymore. nor are one bazillionth percent refinements of existing indices. pursuing the "attack" of this game with such atrophied weapons is p*ssing on your shoes.

it is amusing that apparently because of glandular secretion imbalances (surely not pragmatic thought), certain "authorities" chastise innovative concepts. those who are so stuck in low gear, must "retire" from play, with various rationales. now it seems that the "attack" is diverted from the casino coffers to the billfolds of the milk herd.

some of us play this game for value beyond simply cashing in at the cage. the intellectual challenge of 21 always was my predilection. it would be easy for me to cease play by stating that i didn't need the money, because i never did. were i armed with antiquated tools, i guess i'd "retire" as well.

to wit, failure to pursue and accept new concepts means a tailspin. future players must "macgyver" the game or "retire".



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